Slot Machines Glossary

The software companies who invent modern slot machines are very innovative and they create their own words to describe certain features.

Sometimes you just have to try the free games to figure out what is meant by wildcards and other similar expressions. The best online slots are creative and efficient, but you will soon find that the words used to describe features and functions are not that hard to decipher.

Bonus –

it is the money or the free spins that the casino will give you as a new or old player.

Bonus Game –

a slot machine can have bonus games where you can win more money. To join the bonus game, you will usually need to obtain a certain amount of bonus symbols. The bonus games can be free or with a new game structure and a specific mission.

Coins (Coins) –

you will be playing with coins and these have different sizes, for example 0.01, 0.20, 0.50 and so on. You will also see that you can put a certain amount of coins on each bet line.

Coins Won –

when you win coins it is called a coin win.

Hit –

when you get a winning combination in a spin.

Minimum Bet –

the smallest bet you can make in the game. It depends on the size of the smallest coin.

Maximum Bet (Maximum Bet) –

the biggest bet you can in the game. It depends on the size of the smallest coin and how many coins you can bet per bet line.

Pay Line –

identical to the bet line, a line that runs through the reels and pays when you get a winning combination with it.

Payout percentage – the machine is set to keep a certain percentage of the money. This means that for every 100 euros a certain amount will be paid but it does not mean that you will get a certain amount for every 100 euros you wager.

Progressive Jackpot –

It can get huge when the game is connected to a network with several slot machines that will all contribute to the same progressive jackpot.

RNG Or Random Number Generator –

this is something implemented in every casino game and the RNG ensures that all outcomes are random and unpredictable to prevent cheating.

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